MAIN TRENDS from Sun Stone


We will wear flowers not only in summer, at least the designers say so. Chokers, earrings, rings, bracelets - flowers in the autumn season will decorate all jewelry and bijouterie.


The longer, the more fashionable. These can be very thin chain earrings, although models with large stones - monochrome or multi-colored - will look much more spectacular.


Massive rings with large bright stones are usually worn on the index or ring finger of the right hand - the one in which you hold a cocktail while at a party - hence the name. In the past, cocktail rings were worn directly over opera gloves, although given that the latter are also on the list of the main trends of the season, this fashion tradition can easily be revived.  


Chokers have been back in fashion for a few seasons and won't go away for at least another season. Wear chokers made of multi-colored stones, large chains, or trendy crystal tennis necklaces. Among the obvious advantages of such jewelry is that it is much more versatile than long necklaces and goes with almost everything. 


It involves a pure contemplation of the form without dissipating attention to complex elements. The main form of such jewelry is thin straight lines, discreet triangles or squares, circles or ovals. Techniques such as layering are appropriate here, but it is important to maintain clarity of lines.