Amber is a stone that since ancient times has been considered a talisman that brings health, happiness and harmony. You must have heard a lot about its magical properties. Amber is used as a powerful amulet.

Amber is a source of creative and creative forces. The stone helps its owner to reveal his magical potential, enhances the natural gift, intuition, contributes to the fulfillment of desires, the implementation of long-planned plans. But for each sign of the zodiac, amber brings its own additional bonus.

Aries: Amber serves as a moral support.

Taurus: Amber brings peace.

Gemini: source of creative energy.

Cancers: to communicate with the outside world.

Leo: for a successful career.

Virgo: source of energy and vitality.

Libra: to achieve high goals.

Scorpions: from enemies and ill-wishers.

Sagittarius: for a better fate.

Capricorn: for good health.

Aquarius: emotions and career.

Pisces: protection from the evil eye.