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28 Apr Casting
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     In the previous article, we talked about the workshop where all jewelry production begins and wax models (waxes) are created, which are soldered onto a jewelry “Christmas tree.” After the “Christmas tree” is ready, a process called “lost wax casting” begins. It begins as follows: take a flask, ..
28 Apr Amber setting
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                 Any of our products contains amber, which must be placed in the product. For each product, a specialist first selects amber that is ideal in size and harmonizing in color. It is especially important to choose milky amber that matches the shade in such collections as ORCHIDS and BUTT..
28 Apr TCD
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In jewelry, any product undergoes quality control. Quality control is strictly monitored by technical control department employees.The quality control specialist must know all the requirements and certain approved standards that apply to the product. These standards and requirements may include the ..
28 Apr Grinding, tumbling and polishing
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When you see a new piece of jewelry, you can immediately appreciate its shine and incredible smoothness of the surface. Before you see a product in this form, it goes through many different stages. Undoubtedly, each of them is important and without any of them the result could not have happened.The ..
28 Apr Wax
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Jewelry making: from sketch on paper to implementation.Jewelry production is a complex and multi-step process that requires attention and precision.All Sun Stone jewelry is created thanks to the deep technological knowledge of its employees and the creative and innovative ideas of the designer.The l..
28 Apr Mount
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Mounting is the connection of parts of various jewelry that are made by cutting, sawing, milling, stamping and other methods. Such a connection is made by soldering, welding, riveting and other technological operations.Soldering is considered the most important operation. Soldering is a process in w..
28 Apr Cabochons
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What is a cabochon and how is it made? Cabochon (from the French caboche - head) is a method of processing a precious or semi-precious stone, in which it acquires a smooth convex polished surface without edges; A stone processed in this way is also called a cabochon. The French believe that they wer..
28 Apr Electroplating
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This article will focus on electroplating. What is it?Galvanization is a whole section in the science of “Electrochemistry”, when a thin layer of another metal is applied to metal products, in our case it is a layer of rhodium or gold. The “Galvanizing” method is used to strengthen the surface of je..
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