Jewelry making: from sketch on paper to implementation.

Jewelry production is a complex and multi-step process that requires attention and precision.

All Sun Stone jewelry is created thanks to the deep technological knowledge of its employees and the creative and innovative ideas of the designer.

The life of any product with natural amber begins with an idea, which is embodied on paper in a sketch or drawing. Based on the sketches, a 3D model is created using special equipment, which is printed on a 3D printer. The resulting model is cast in silver, and thus the first sample of the future product appears, which is called the master model. It is interesting that the master model is deliberately made larger, because at each subsequent stage of production - casting, grinding and polishing - the product becomes smaller, as so-called shrinkage occurs.

To produce a batch of the same piece of jewelry, the resulting master model must be multiplied. For this purpose, a rubber mold or gum is used, which is obtained by baking a master model in it. Using a wax injector (Sun Stone production uses several types of injectors - vacuum and manual), jewelry wax is pumped into a rubber mold and thus wax models (waxes) are obtained.

The resulting models are carefully checked and selected by a master for the absence of defects and excess wax. Good quality wax models are soldered using a soldering iron onto a jewelry “tree”, which is formed from a rod or pillar of a certain thickness to ensure the flowability of all products and to avoid defects during casting.