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22 Nov how much does amber cost
03 Aug The subtleties of wearing jewelry, depending on the neckline on the clothes
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V-neckV-shaped neckline is considered the most common type in the mass production of dresses and blouses, and its depth can be completely different.The secret of a successful look with such a style is to choose an accessory that will completely fill the space symmetrically to the lines of the fa..
31 Jul What jewelry will be in fashion this fall?
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MAIN TRENDS from Sun StoneFLOWER MOTIVESWe will wear flowers not only in summer, at least the designers say so. Chokers, earrings, rings, bracelets - flowers in the autumn season will decorate all jewelry and bijouterie.LONG EARRINGS The longer, the more fashionable. These can be very ..
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From May 17 to May 21, 2023, the XXII All-Russian competition of jewelers "Leaders of the Russian Jewelry Market" was held in Moscow in the nomination "Pearl / Amber", in which our brand took part and took 2nd place with a new summer collection of earrings "CONGO"The "CONGO" collection of earrings i..
20 Apr What zodiac sign is suitable for amber.
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Amber is a stone that since ancient times has been considered a talisman that brings health, happiness and harmony. You must have heard a lot about its magical properties. Amber is used as a powerful amulet.Amber is a source of creative and creative forces. The stone helps its owner to reveal his ma..
27 Mar Key Feature of Sun Stone Company
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Sun Stone is a true master in creating jewelry that combines high quality and unique design. One of the key features of our products is that 80% of them are handmade.This means that each piece of jewelry goes through the hands of experienced craftsmen who put their individuality, creativity and un..
12 Dec New Blog Post
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What is the best way to celebrate this magical holiday? What color will bring good luck in the new year?2023 is the year of the black water rabbit. The rabbit is a gentle and affectionate animal that loves home comfort.Horoscopes and dream books recommend celebrating the new year 2023 in shades of b..
05 Nov New Blog Post
05 Nov New Blog Post
05 Nov New Blog Post
05 Nov New Blog Post
05 Nov New Blog Post
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